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My recent work has been created using fluid forms, undulating lines, and rounded elements.  I think this has been the case since I am influenced heavily by the natural environment I find around me- the lapping waves of the ocean and the wind bending the trees in the canyon behind my home.  These movements are suggestive and reflective of the constant movement and changes taking place within life itself.  Indeed all of life, the natural and the human world, is in constant movement- a movement toward and away from, into and out of.  It is this commonality and connection to the natural world that moves me to make these works. 


Lisa Mueller was initially trained as a metalsmith, making mostly jewelry and functional metal objects.  She attended San Diego State University, studying in the Jewelry and Metalsmithing program under the instruction of Professor Helen Z. Shirk.  As part of her curriculum, she also participated in studio courses, which focused on painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, and sculpture. This diversified beginning in Mrs. Mueller’s career has allowed her to create sculptural work that combines several of these sources and skills.    


Following her years of study in San Diego, Mrs. Mueller entered the Metalsmithing program at Cranbrook Academy of Art.  There, she studied under the instruction of Artist In Residence Gary S. Griffin. 


In the fall of 2004, Mrs. Mueller was appointed a position as Artist In Residence at Oregon College of Art &Craft.  Her role at the college could be defined as both a conceptual and technical advisor to the students working in the studio.  In 2005, she was awarded an additional residency at Denkmalschmiede Hoefgen in Germany. She spent a focused period of time there creating a body of work. 


Mrs. Mueller has exhibited in numerous galleries both nationally and internationally. Currently she resides in San Diego, and is both an educator and a practicing studio artist.  She has been teaching art at the college level for the past 13 years.

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